Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost all better

My dad had to act as my nurse for 3 more days at home. He had to give me i.v. infusions every 4 hours.  He was really good at it.  I didn't like it though. It took about an hour each time he did one.

I read some books that Ms. Elsea let me borrow

I love my new brother

Finally I Came Home!

I finally got to come home after being in the hospital for 9 nights.  My dad stayed with me the whole time.  I was so happy to come home and see my baby brother again.

They pulled me out of the pediatric unit in a red wagon.  That big bear is from my friend Laura.  She got the bear when she had surgery as a kid.
Here I am just coming out of the van. I hadn't been home for 10 days!

I got to hold Koa that day even though I still had to have the i.v. in my arm.

The first thing I ate when I got home was Jamba Juice!  My friends Laura, Sarah and Jane gave me a gift card to Jamba Juice.

I loved the visitors

It wasn't fun to spend so long in the hospital. They wouldn't let me eat anything for many days and they always asked me how much pain I was in.  But it was nice when my friends and teachers came to see me.

Mr. Mayfield, the principal at my school and Mrs. Robles came to visit.

This card was brought by Sister Olson from church.

This was the pediatrician Dr. Raja that checked on me when my Dr. or the Surgeon weren't there.

This is my Spanish teacher Maestra Ajanel.

Ms. Elsea, my English teacher, came to visit me again.

Dad borrowed Uncle Dave's laptop so mom and my siblings could skype to us at the hospital.

One day a lot of my school friends came to visit me after school.  I really couldn't wait to go back to school.

Recovery from surgery

It wasn't easy to recover from surgery. I hurt a lot and I had a drain coming out of my stomach which really grossed me out. It was hard to walk. They really wanted me to walk a lot at the hospital.

I got to play video games
I got some stuffed animals from getting the xrays and from friends

My wonderful teacher Ms. Elsea came and read me books

They wanted me to walk all around the hospital with my  i.v. and so we went and visited the gift shop

My surgery

I wasn't feeling very well before my brother was born. On Saint Patrick's Day - March 17 - I tested positive for strep throat.  My brother Anu also had strep throat but he got better and I didn't.  The doctors thought I would get better from antibiotics but I didn't.  So after my brother Koa was born, my dad took me to the E.R. They found a blockage in my intestine.  No wonder my tummy had been hurting so much.  A few hours later I went into surgery.  They found my appendix had ruptured and spewed bacteria all in my belly.  They had to clean it all out and put me on i.v. antibiotics for 10 days.
Here I am waiting with my dad for the surgery.

This is me the next day after the surgery.

Then my mom brought my baby Koa for me to see.

These are the roses that my mom brought for me.

Penguins for my Mom

My mom loves penguins so I drew this for her.


I was watching my sister Kawai as she did a 4th grade project on Marian Anderson.  I was interested in doing a project on a famous person too. I read a lot about Sacagawea and would like to write a report on her. I drew this picture of her. Sorry it's so light.  


After my baby brother was born in March, my appendix ruptured and I had to have surgery. I was signed up to play volleyball in the league, but I had to miss the first 3 weeks of it.  After I got all better and spring break was done, I got to start playing.  It was really fun.  My team's name was The White Tigers. My coaches were the parents of a teammate Ella H.  We practiced on Thursday nights and had games on Saturday mornings.  I can't wait to do volleyball again.

Me serving during our volleyball tournament

Writing Award

Yesterday was the last day of school.  I got this certificate for a writing piece.
My Patio

My special place is my front patio.  The sound of the breeze is, "Woosh, woosh." It is so cool. My cat's "meow" makes it like a song.  My patio is like my hideout.  Me and my friend Lucy like to play hide-and-seek. I like to do my homework there because I hear the birds chirping.  They take turns and echo each other's voices.

My favorite thing to do is pet my cat and to play hide-and-seek. No one find me! And I read books on my metal chair. It is a fun place- you should go there some time!