Friday, June 15, 2012

My surgery

I wasn't feeling very well before my brother was born. On Saint Patrick's Day - March 17 - I tested positive for strep throat.  My brother Anu also had strep throat but he got better and I didn't.  The doctors thought I would get better from antibiotics but I didn't.  So after my brother Koa was born, my dad took me to the E.R. They found a blockage in my intestine.  No wonder my tummy had been hurting so much.  A few hours later I went into surgery.  They found my appendix had ruptured and spewed bacteria all in my belly.  They had to clean it all out and put me on i.v. antibiotics for 10 days.
Here I am waiting with my dad for the surgery.

This is me the next day after the surgery.

Then my mom brought my baby Koa for me to see.

These are the roses that my mom brought for me.

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